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Professional Design Low Cost

Hello, Im Max, A Designer/Web Developer. I make professional quality designs and websites at a low cost. I specialize in minimalistic design and websites. Want to know more?

Why MX Design?

Why choose MX-Designs for your project?


We keep our logo's as original as possible!


You will get a great unique logo that perfectly fits in with your brand

Fast Support

We try to respond as fast as possible and will answer all questions!


We are are small business so there
won't be big waittimes!

Easy Revisions

When in the early stages of designing we give you multple ideas! Don't like them? We will simply create new "better" Ideas

Multiple Ideas

When designing a website or logo we always send you multiple ideas to ensure your website or logo fits

How it works

How can I get my logo/website?

Get In Touch

You can send us an E-Mail or get in contact by going to the Contact page

Send Me All The Info

If you go to the contact page there will be a form with everything you will need to fill out in order to get your logo the quickest. If you send us an E-Mail or have special needs, we will help you with what to fill out

The Boring Stuff

We will send you an invoice and everything you need to get your logo as soon as possible


We will upload everything and send it to you 🙂


Pricing can vary depending on specific needs




Multiple Logo Ideas

Minimalistic Logo

Fast Support

Business Card

Social Media Kit

Logo + Website



Website + Logo










Clean website

Fast Support

6 Month Free Service

Hosting/Domain SetupGet In Touch